Our Story

We are all about thinking bottom-up. While innovation has in some way or the other tweaked our watches, our clothes, even our shoes, our ankle-hugging friends have been somewhat neglected. But we are the guys who believe socks need a revolution too. We are not just talking motifs and designs. We bring you socks 2.0 with eye-popping designs, better quality, and a whole bag of new tricks. That is what we are promising to deliver.

Design Inspiration: We set out to provide socks that are discreetly vibrant. We brought together inspiring designs, delightful colors, and the finest of materials to craft a beautiful collection of socks.

Product Quality: The quality of the fabric and the elastic component decides the overall quality of the socks. This is why we only sourced the combed highest quality of fabric in every pair of Swipe Corner socks.

There is not an inspiration greater than making something people want to fall in love with. That is why we decided to start Swipe Corner to offer exclusive socks, high-quality socks that combine unique designs and craftsmanship. With the aim to provide the most comfortable and colorful tool for spreading happiness, our talented team of creatives brought the concept to life.

We understand that good socks are equally important as comfortable shoes. They complete your footwear and keep your feet sweat-free, protected, clean, and warm. And therefore, we want every customer to provide comfortable and fashionable socks that can be worn on many occasions – formally, casually, and even on regular days at home. You can easily stock up your wardrobe with exquisite socks from Swipe Corner.


When it comes to buying the socks, our mission statement is to revolutionize the way we all shop for this most overlooked but crucial thing that completes our look. Why do you want to hop from one store to another in search of the best design and quality when you can find it on our online store? We house every design and style of socks you can possibly imagine, from fashionable socks to that make your life easy, we got them all covered. You just name it, and you can stay assured about finding them all here. For those of you with erratic working hours, Swipe Corner is your best bet. Shop at night, in the wee hours of the morning, or anytime of the day, this e-commerce never shuts down.


We agree that socks are quite an invisible part of your wardrobe but a lapse in judgment while picking them out can lead to a lifetime of agony. You can now choose your favorite pairs of socks in pleasant colors, diverse styles & designs, soft fabric, and attractive prices. Our diverse collection lets you combine comfort and style for your feet.

Most of you would agree that comfortable socks are like a blessing for the feet. This is why, the pair of socks you choose must be not only soft on your skin, but also efficient and durable. Browse through a variety of socks online for men, women, and kids on Swipe Corner and add a bunch of favorites to your cart for yourself and your dear ones.