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Babies or even the toddlers in general are the most active and elusive of all the members of the family. To give the youngest member of the family some comfort and protection, pick a pair of anti slip socks baby that are designed on the bottom with material that make it easy for the babies to walk or toddle around with much safety. For the princess of your household, we have a special range of baby girl long socks.

The tenderest member of the family needs the gentlest care; the same goes for the socks that they wear. That is why we have a range of baby sock shoes which double up as socks as well as shoes for a more comprehensive care of their paper soft heels. In addition, it also releases the doting parents from the trouble of carrying separate pair of socks and shoes. The baby socks that stay on are made of handpicked materials of cotton and wool which makes them an all season wear. With the skin of the newborn kids in consideration, they maintain and adhere to the highest standards of quality. What’s more? With every bit of possibility of kids being all active and haywire while making movement, we have designed anti slip baby socks which have gripping soles that reduce the chances of children fumbling and slipping on the floor. Since we are talking of kids of the youngest age group, there is no way the choices of colors are going to be limited. Each pair of socks is picked from the best of the hues spectrum to make your newborns the cutest of them all. Try them out as we have figured them out!