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1.       If quirky is your sense of style, why not reflect the same in the socks that you wear? Here is a selection of some of the funny socks for men, funny socks for women that shall literally give you a reason to chuckle and green. Gone are the days of wearing the bland socks of the traditional design and color. With these funny socks with sayings, the level of something becoming hilarious has just got a new definition.

If you have been looking for the socks that could also pass on the message of your comic personality, you have funny long socks to give some attention to! With fun knowing no bounds, it is time to incorporate the comic scheme of things to your socks repertoire. Replete with quirky designs and even quirkier slogans, these socks are likely to tickle some funny bones out there. Humor is also something which is not subject to gender. So all the ladies out there, if you are willing to give someone a piece of your funny and frivolous, take your pick from the range of funny socks for women which are not head turners but also rib ticklers! Some of you may also be wondering that the long socks with funny murals or slogans would be more the fun. Hence, we leave you to choose your best long funny socks which goes well with your attire and the funny mode of mind you are in! As known to one and all, the funny fuzzy socks are a rage at the moment thanks to the funky colors and various design profiles they include. Replete with various graphics and patterns, you are certain to have your hands full on them as well.