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Long socks never go out of style and neither do they lose their usefulness for men and women alike. The long socks for men are therefore a must-buy for men in this season as it can act as a sheath right up the knee fold. An ideal option for athletes, the long knee socks can double up as the layers required to keep the legs warm during the colder months of the year

The demand for extra long thigh high socks has soared considering the fact that everyone is on the lookout for the socks that can give the feet the much needed protection in winters. These socks set the standards high with the fine quality fabric used to make not just a bold statement but to also keep your feet comfortable in the bone chilling winter season. These socks are too good to be missed to insulate your feet from the cold. And if the traditional design is not what you augur well with, the long striped socks may just fit the bill for you. Like the long socks itself, the stripes are one design that has been a mainstay in the socks’ designing. Stripes also give you a lot of combinations that you can mix and match with. The need for long socks for women is also indispensable. Women who would like to achieve some sultry look even in the dipped temperature can certainly go for the long socks that go well with short length dresses whilst keeping the feet warm. Versatility is perhaps the biggest key which makes the long socks for women a favorite among all ages of ladies.